House Rules

DayZ is a complex game that supports a variety of different playstyles. We want to encourage whatever playstyle suits you best -- whether that is an adventurer, role-player, maniac killer, or just a lowly loot goblin. We strive to adhere to the original vision of the game's design, and we find that instituting a bunch of rules to constrict your gameplay is a sure way to ruin the fun. With that said, we must have a set of stated ground rules in order to keep things running smoothly.
Be a good sport and play fair.

No cheating, glitching, wall-hacking, duping, lag-switching, ice-sliding, combat logging, KOS immediately during login, stream sniping/stalking (using outside meta to hunt down an adversary), or other such devious tactics. There is a zero tolerance policy against using cheats on these servers. If you are purposefully gaining an advantage in anyway due to a bug or vulnerability, that is considered abuse. Please respect the boundaries of the game's limitations. If you are not sure if something is considered abuse, it's best not to do it. If you suspect someone of performing these kinds of activities, please report it.

Don't be a hateful jerk.

Derogatory behavior, harassment, grieving, or any purposeful malicious verbal attacks that targets age, gender, race, nationality, political affiliation, religion, or sexuality will not be tolerated. This includes all forms of communication and actions on the server including player voice interactions, the discord chat, and notes that are written in-game. Any violations of this will be immediately removed.

Keep it in game!

What happens in-game should stay in-game. Please do not use this discord to track down players that you've met in-game. Please do not share spoilers or meta about other players in discord. This includes information like locations of keycards, POIs, other players etc. Spoilers cannot be unseen and they can ruin the experience for others wanting to explore and discover things first hand. It's best to just play the game, interact with people, and enjoy your adventure.