Server Manifesto

These servers are tailored to offer a challenging progression-style of gameplay based on a vanilla loot economy. We want to emphasize the hardcore survival aspects of DayZ. Food, weapons, and supplies should be scarce and there are no traders/merchants. Where there is simply not enough food available, there is increased wildlife found in the environment to offer hunting as an alternative. If you are diligent in your searching as you proceed to traverse the map, you should be able to find everything you need -- but never have an abundance of anything. There is a balance in DayZ between it being about survival vs military simulation. An economy with an over-supply of military assets penalizes newcomers and solo survivalists.

Your character should not be guaranteed a successful survival experience!

In-game realism and player-to-player interactions are important and strongly encouraged on these servers. Events that transpire between players should occur organically from the perspective of the player in-game. For this reason, there is no in-game global chat, no kill-feeds, or leaderboards. The in-game voice channel is the recommended form of communication for the best game experience. The use of outside communications with friends is frowned upon.

To encourage the "one-life adventure" style of gameplay, base building is disabled. You won't find building supplies on these servers. You are however able to craft shelters, bury containers, and utilize tents and barrels to create temporary stashes.

DayZ is much more than simply a PVE or PVP game; it is an open sandbox environment for which both PVE and PVP aspects play a part in. The direction we're taking with these servers is to provide enough PVE aspects to reduce the single-player monotony, but also not to hinder ones playing style with PVE rules.

"It is a PVE game until you find your first loaded weapon."

Play the game anyway you like, just play fair.