The Servers

Greenhell Banov Survival

1PP / Vanilla+ / Vehicles / Helis / Bases

Greenhell Namalsk Hardcore Survival

1PP / Vanilla+ / No Bases or Vehicles

Greenhell Raptor Island

1PP / Stuart Island / Hardcore+ Survival / Raptors

We aim to provide a vanilla+ hardcore DayZ survival experience with a strong focus on a well-balanced economy and player progression. This is a free service to the DayZ community to help support and showcase the independent map creators that keep the DayZ community alive.

Thanks for checking out the servers and have fun!


A Challenging Linear Loot Progression

These servers are tailored to offer a linear progression-style of gameplay. We want to emphasize the hardcore survival aspects of DayZ. Food, weapons, and supplies should be scarce and there are no traders/merchants. Where there is simply not enough food available, there is increased wildlife found in the environment to offer hunting as an alternative. If you are diligent in your searching as you proceed to traverse the map, you should be able to find everything you need -- but never have an abundance of anything. Your character should not be guaranteed a successful survival experience!.

There is a balance in DayZ between it being about survival vs military simulation. An economy with an over-supply of military assets penalizes newcomers and solo survivalists.

Gameplay Realism / Player Interactions

In-game realism is a priority goal for these servers. Interactions that transpire between players should occur organically from the perspective of the player in-game. For this reason, there is no in-game global chat, no PVP rules, no santioned safe-zones, no kill-feeds, or leaderboards. The in-game voice channel is the recommended form of communication for the best game experience. The use of discord or teamspeak for communication with friends is frowned upon.

House Rules

DayZ is a complex game that supports a variety of different playstyles. We want to encourage whatever playstyle suits you best -- whether that is an adventurer, role-player, maniac killer, or just a lowly loot goblin. We strive to adhere to the original vision of the game's design, and we find that instituting a bunch of rules to constrict your gameplay is a sure way to ruin the fun. With that said, we must have a set of stated ground rules in order to keep things running smoothly.
  1. Be a good sport and play fair. No cheating, glitching, wall-hacking, duping, lag-switching, combat logging, stream-sniping or other such devious tactics. If you are purposefully gaining an advantage in anyway due to a bug or vulnerability, that is considered abuse. Please respect the boundaries of the game's limitations. If you are not sure if something is considered abuse, it's best not to do it. If you suspect someone of performing these kinds of activities, please report it. These kinds of behaviors make for a very shitty experience for everyone, and will not be tolerated.
  2. Don't be a hateful jerk. Derogatory behavior and messages that targets age, gender, race, nationality, political affiliation, religion, or sexuality will not be tolerated. This includes all forms of communication and actions on the server including player voice interactions, the discord chat, and notes that are written in-game. Incidents found of this nature may result in immediate bans.


On the maps where base building is allowed, it should be very difficult to find supplies. While we aren't exactly a base building / raiding community, a little homesteading adds a certain element to the apocalyptic survival experience and offers new end-game goals, especially on larger maps like Chernarus and Banov. If you are diligent enough and manage to scrap together a base, the safety of your home will be a gamble -- you should not be surprised when you are raided. *BUILD AT YOUR OWN RISK*

Using bugs and glitches to gain entry into a structure is NOT permitted. (This includes stacking objects, or climbing under the terrain to cause the game to teleport you, etc). Only vanilla raiding tactics are permitted.