Green Villain


Green Villain

A compilation of much of my musical works into a single CD, spanning over 70 minutes with 29 tracks.

Cardboard Mayhem is a project divided into 4 volumes. The CD is a compilation of the "Best of Volumes 3 and 4", with a couple of tracks from Volume 2 as well.

All material on this CD is performed and arranged by me, Jason Hines in my home studio, in my free time. The works were created with all acoustic (not sampled) instruments including drums, electric bass, acoustic guitar, keyboards, some vocals, and whatever else I could find around the house that produces noise.

"It's not exactly an ambush of musical integrity, but more of a downpour of uncontrollable creativity."

I can be reached at jason at

Green Villain / Cardboard Mayhem, 1997-2007 by Jason Hines